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Áhkkátraversen - 2018-10-23 17:00

First climb Áhkkátraversen. 20180510
Áhkkástugan - Västtopparna 1734 - Västtopparna 1780 - Dubbeltoppen 1830 - Borgtoppen 1963 - Áhkká Stortoppen 2015 - Point 1916 - Áhkkástugan.
31 KM  3 500 Ascent meters   17:48 hours.
Mattias Skantz and Björn Segelsbo
Music of Amadou & Mariam "Sabali" and Sibille Attar "Come night".


Jämtlands Tree skiing - 2018-03-01 10:00

The region Jämtland in south Swedish mountains a famous for the magic tree skiing. Ofter powder and good snow.


Stora Sarektraversen movie - 2017-07-22 22:10

Stora Sarektraversen - 2017-05-16 09:00

Finally we sucess with Stora Sarektraversen. 

Kisurisstugan - Stora Sarektraversen - Sourva 29 hours, 10 summit, 80 km, 5300 ascent meters. 

The traverse in it self, Stora Sarekttraversen took 21 hours, 10 summit, 46,8 km, 4650 ascent meters.

You can se Press release at jokkmokk.se



Press release from Jokkmokk.se Stora Sarektraversen in numbers. 29 hours, 10 summits, 80 km, 5300 ascent meters from Kisurisstugan - Sourva. From Kantberget - Vuojnestjåhkå 21 hours 46,8 km 4650 ascent meters. First climb 1978 and we think it's 9 persons now that have success. The most respected high alpine traverse in Sweden. My second try on it after 10 years of dreaming. Stora Sarektraversen is comparing with 4 laps on Syltraversen! Probably I'm not going to ski/climb it again. 1 meal, 5 dubble sandwiches, 10 bars, 4 gels and 3,5 liters Vitargo, 0 blister and 1 frostbite. On radio 15:30 at P4 Jämtland today. #skimo #Sarek #Sarektjåhkkå #storasarektraversen #mountaineering #bestofskantz #liveskirepeat #haganski #hagansverige #earnyourturns #topptur #skitouring

Ett inlägg delat av Mattias Skantz (@bergsbestigaren)

Storådörrens Östsida - 2017-04-21 21:00

First decent on Storådörrens East side (östsida). Read a article and the story about the skirun here.


Easter - 2017-04-14 19:00

Jesus give his life on the cross today. So we could have a personal realation with God, eternally life, health and forginess for our since. By grace it´s enough to belive to be saved!!!


Weekend - 2017-02-19 18:00

Efter en långtur i onsdags i Bunnerfjällen blev det en lugnare helg hemma. Vädret är ju inte direkt inspirerande just nu. + grader och hård vind. Ser dock ut som det snöat en del i västra fjällen denna helg. Vi hoppas på pudermars och en lång vår med skidsäsong och full vinter hela juni!!!! Då kommer vi glömma dessa plusgrader. 

Hagan skidor förresten. Fick ju ny sponsor i vinter av Hagan Ski. Sjukt roligt och genuint skidmärke. Känns som man blivit barn igen, så kul är det att skida Hagan skidor. De bästa med dessa är att de är mer träkänsla (mer trä i konstruktionen) än många andra skidmärken som försöker göra lätta skidor. Vilket ger skidkänsla och skidglädje utöver det vansliga. De roligaste modellerna som jag kör på är.

Hagan Ywai Boost 137-97-113 mm friåkningsskida med 1360 gram i 178cm längd. En Dynafit Superlite bindning a 175 gram på det. Så har man roligt på all typ av topptur. Långturer, aggresiva turer, skön pudersnö, och what ever...

Hagan Ultra 112-7699 mm lätt Speed touring skida. Vikt 970 gram i 170 cm lång. Brant åk = ja tack. Lång turer = ja tack. Platt turer i skog och fjäll = ja tack. Piståkning = ja tack. Träning i slalombacken = ja tack. Normala toppturer = ja tack och dessutom har man roligt på all snö!!

Vilken dröm.

Kommer en bild från i onsdags också


Grabbarna Rickard Westling och Henrik Westling kör en av de fina rännorna på Västra Bunnerstötens nordsida (nordöst).


Free day - 2017-02-08 12:59

Today I´m free from work. In the morning I skied 8 loops in Ladängen and eat lunch with my wife Esther. And sone time for iceskating for two hours. Nice traning day!!

bachelor party - 2017-01-09 07:25

My own bachelor party was last saturday. We go to Sälen from Östersund over a day tour. 4,5 hours of traveleing one way and then we ski touring all the flat hills and ski the steepest line. Skis Kestle -86, bindings Alpine Trackers, ski boots some 35 years old and used at least 20 years so they was completely out of function. The flex was at the bottom direct so was quite tough to ski with...


Powder November - 2016-12-04 12:00

Powder November had come´s to a end now. Rigth this weekend I´m home adn inside because some illness. But some rest now and I´m back in track soon. On tuesday 6 december you can listen on me in Stockholm at "Pure Freeride after work" Se program here

And a short film from Powder November in Jämtland/Sweden


Winter is coming - 2016-10-25 18:30

Winter knocking on the door. And soon we are going to ski "whatever we feel like we wanna do"


Kalltrippeln - 2016-09-14 21:20

Kalltrippeln är en ny tradition från och med i år. Den består av:

Cykel: Kalls Längdcenter - Kallsedet - Huså.

Löpning: Huså - Åreskutans topp - Huså.

Cykel: Huså - Grundviken.

Rodd: Grundviken - Kalls strand

Cykel: Kalls strand - Kalls Längdcenter


116 KM och 2050 HÖJDMETER

16 juli genomförde Anders Wittenström och Mattias Skantz den framtida klassikern.



Summer sommar och sol - 2016-08-24 19:25

Summer, sommar when it is at it´s best!!


Sylarna med Skantz - 2016-06-23 23:00

Per Arnsäter and me was in Sylarna last days in may. Here is his movie from that.


Op med tjahke - 2016-05-12 00:20

Svensk ordvits av Skäckerfjälls legenden Anders Wittenström. Skidåking och film av och med mig Mattias Skantz


Munsfjället - 2016-04-25 21:35

One of Swedens best skiers mountain I give tips for today.

Se here for more suggestions for good runs.

Storådörren - 2016-04-13 21:00

Hi again after a lot of silence from me last 6 mouth. I going to try to be better to write here and update my site. Biggest reason is that I have been sick a lot but I feel strong again and hope for some long distance ski tours rest of spring and presummer. Maybe more steep runs also.

Read here little on Swedish from me and Henrik Westling ski decent in Storådörren. 


Healthy again - 2016-03-20 21:30

Atfer 7 month of sicknes. It´s feel amazing to be out there again.


I´m back on skiis. - 2016-02-19 20:30

I´m back on skiis after all truble. First all the fighting with my broken shoulder and than in januari/februari I get the pneumonia so rest rest and rest.....

But now I warm up with some short ski tours and toady I have a nice day our there with skiing a couloir in Lunndörren/Dörrpiken with Henrik Westling and Denny Calvo.


Still sick and something in the alps - 2016-01-28 21:00

I´m still fighting with my health. But when I was away for the fair ISPO in Germany I try to ski little bit. First dream was to ski 2 whole days and 2 evenings after the fair. So goal was to 5-10 summit for this travel and start my training for this winter. It start with 48 hours in the bed with sickness in my body. Then the fair and first on Tuesday evening I try to move myself little bit. I climb and ski Wendelstein 1838m.


A nice nightski with headlamps and meet two really nice Germans on the way to up. It´s also funny climb/walk the last bit to the top.

That evening I feel more sick. And my last day free for skiing I lay in the bed until 13:00 and wondering if I was sick or not and then I in slow tempo climb and ski a Seekarlspitze 2261m and that one was a cosy one I reach in perfect sunset. And even if you are not 100% healthy it´s sometimes so nice to move your body little bit after some time of illness.

So I come home far away from the goal but more rest and soon I hope I can train for real again and do the natural thing you want to do in wintertimes. SKI

ISPO and Germany - 2016-01-22 21:10

I´m still waiting for the real traning and to get ready for the skiseason 15-16. After I come home from Netherlands I get sick again with a cold and miss two weeks more of important training. So status is not good for the long distance touring. My sholder start to get better of all muscle exercise I did in NL. So now I going to Germany and the sport fair ISPO and hope for two days skiing in the alps. Than we still hope I´m ready for Kallsjön around in end of February or in March.

Se the short movie how the plan is to do that ski tour.


Netherlands - 2016-01-02 11:30

Still going strong in Netherlands. I hang here over christmas and new year with my fiance that comming from here. I go to the gym and bike a lot and take it easy. 

I have walk up to Netherlands highest point Vaalserberg 322,7m and it look like a hill.....

The best so far was the MTB route in Landgraaf. In totally 76km route around the city in the forest. It suprice we how good the track was and how fun. This 76km route had over 1100 ascent meters.

Here a picture from the Wilhelminaberg in Landgraaf


Rehab time - 2015-12-19 18:30

I still fighting the rahab fight to get ready for the skiseason. My shoulder I break this summer had make my muscle very weak and I have problem to keep the shoulder in right position. Especially when I ski and do the poling.

So I most traning the muscle of my shoulder and back so I can ski the long distance ski touring I want to do.


I going to Netherlands for 3 weeks for spend time with my fiancee Esther over christmas and train my rehab and do some mountainbike. 

The two big goals for this winter skiing is:

  • The Lake Kallsjön aroaund (Kallsjön Runt) 170-190 km of skitouring. February or March
  • The Big Sarek Traverse. (Stora Sarektraversen) 75 km and 4 400 ascent meters.

So better be prepared for this tours....

Home again - 2015-12-05 18:00

I was in the alps 5 day with my friend Mikael Frisk and then I come home and need to work alot and hard. Of course I got sick.....

So now I´m free and just rest...

Dream me back to the alps..


Where is the snow? - 2015-11-07 19:45

Where is the snow?

In Scandinavia we had still a lot of + degress and no snow. It´s really sucks. So what should we do? PRAY FOR SNOW


Saanta 1120
Grofjället 952
Mehkene Östtoppen 1182
Västerfjället 1159
Drommen 1140
Falkfångarfjället, Holtoke 1180
Drommen 1140
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